Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Domain Name Rush Following Boston Bombing

Dear OOTJers,
       I was amazed, fascinated and a good bit appalled to read about the rush on Internet domain names in the wake of the bombing here in Boston.  There was a brief article in the Boston Globe, and I also found a longer article at a blog run by Time magazine. This one includes a screen shot of the various domain names, and details on how much they paid. Apparently, there are "speculators" who buy domain names with the idea of selling to another, at a higher price. The Globe article mentions that some folks are making a living at this -- though both articles stress that domain names linked to current events have a short shelf life in public interest.  Thus, speculators for these names are unlikely to make much or any money.

Both writers mentioned the distaste or poor taste factor that will certainly turn some people off. They note that there are a number of reasons, some charitable, for registering a domain name related to the Boston Bombing. In fact, the Globe article mentions several people who have  bought domain names with the idea of using them for a charity.  But it also mentions others who register domain names with plans to set up fraudulent charities. For now, I recommend sticking with the official One Fund.

Boston strong, and many thanks to all who are sending good wishes and aid for the bombing victims and shell-shocked Boston!

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