Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Same Sex Marriage News

Viet Nam Government Considering Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

Viet Nam's first gay pride parade will be held in Hanoi on August 5. And even long time gay rights activists in the region were stunned when the Vietnamese government announced it was considering legalizing same sex marriage. Whether the law will ultimately pass remains to be seen.

The Justice Ministry will consider opinions from the public along with government agencies before submitting its draft proposal to the National Assembly next May on whether to recommend same-sex marriage or some other type of legal recognition with rights. Then, it must be approved by a majority of parliament.
(from the NPR story linked in the title for Viet Nam section)

But just the consideration of such a law in Viet Nam is historic in the Asian region, where there is little support for gays and lesbians. The NPR story at the link above gives a thumbnail sketch of the status in various Asian nations, with generally low support, especially in the Muslim nations of the region. But even Thailand, which, to casual visitors may seem to have a vibrant gay/lesbian/transgender life in the cities, actually provides very little beyond the tourism areas where these activities thrive. Viet Nam’s Communist government is distinctive in repressing religious expression that might otherwise press back against the measure.


Maine will have a ballot question in November, 2012, asking voters
"Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?"

And of course, money is pouring into the state from supporters and opponents.

Washington (state) Referendum 74

But not as much, I think as is pouring into Washington state. In February, the legislature there passed a law legalizing same sex marriage. But opponents collected enough signatures to put the decision to a referendum ballot vote, Referendum 74. The largest single public gift so far has come from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos who gave $2.5 million to help support same sex marriage after receiving an e-mail request from one of Amazon’s earliest employees (no longer working there)!

Democrats Include Same Sex Marriage in Party Platform
And the Democratic National Party seems poised to include a plank for the party platform in support of same sex marriage!

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Betsy McKenzie said...

Well, plus, Boston's own Mayor Tom Menino called out Chick-Fil-A and warned them not to come to Boston if they couldn't get happy with same sex marriage.... then he admitted he really couldn't hold up the permits. But it WAS a great letter! I don't often cheer for Menino, who can be a micro-managing bully sometimes. But it was a pretty cool moment!