Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Blog on Legal Education

The National Law Journal recently launched a new blog on legal education: The National Law Journal's Law School Review. Its mission is as follows:

Rising tuition. Misleading employment statistics. Inadequate skills training. Law schools have faced plenty of criticism for their role in the struggles of young lawyers today. The National Law Journal has assembled a panel of legal educators and law graduates to discuss whether law schools are facing a crisis, and how they should respond to their mounting problems.

Indeed, a number of well-known academics have been recruited to blog about the issues above: William Henderson (Indiana), Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine), Brian Tamanaha (Washington University), Michael Olivas (Houston, and AALS President), and it is interesting to read their opinions and the lively responses to them. This is a blog worth following.

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CCC said...

The big problem is the cost of tuition -- across the board. Not unlike housing, both healthcare and education are in a bubble. Both will pop. Housing, healthcare and education costs have outpaced income - there is no work around, to get back to 'normal' these three must come back in line.