Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay Marriage Legislation in NY!

New York has passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage, and governor Cuomo is expected to sign it. Here is a nice, in-depth story from the NY Times on the behind the scenes stories that went into making the bill a reality. The bill passed in a state where Republicans actually control the legislature by a slim margin. But the Times article makes it plain that the decisions turned on personal relationships that influenced the various legislators -- gay children, relatives, friends, friends of friends who influenced the decisions of the voters. Governor Cuomo had made same-sex marriage a priority, though he had been distracted by several battles over budget issues. But his strong support has undoubtedly been key to the passage of this law in the largest state recognizing marriage equality for same-sex couples. See NY Times article here on passage late Friday, in Senate 33 - 29, with 4 Republicans joining the Democrats in passing the bill.

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Marie S. Newman said...

I am just thrilled at this outcome! I had begun to lose heart on Thursday, but am so proud now of New York for doing the right thing. Thanks, Betsy, for blogging this historic event.