Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resource for Display, Blog, Newsletter Ideas: Wonderopolis

Ha! It's really hard to come up with good ideas for blogs and newsletter columns, and themes for displays. I stumbled on a website that might be handy when I'm stumped: It's designed as an education website for kids in the K-6 (I'm guessing) age range, but it's full of cool posts that you could build off. A lot of them are not going to be useful for law libraries, naturally -- I'm afraid I can't use an entry on why flamingos are pink. But the ones about holidays are going to be a nice start to an entry for me, and something I can build from. If you click on the "about" tab, you will find a nice index to the archived posts, that lets you browse by categories. I think Holidays will be the most useful, and it's a nice change from always going to Wikipedia. The Food and Candy entries might be a surprising and useful springboard for posts and really fun displays. They have surprisingly good entries under Language, with palindromes and musings on idiomatic phrases like being "under the weather." There are some nice entries under Nature, too. An entertaining site to explore and it just might save the day when you are stuck for a good idea! Also a nice way to procrastinate (a.k.a. work avoidance technique).

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