Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama, WHAT are you THINKING!?

from the ABA Grassroots Newsletter:

USA PATRIOT ACT: President Obama signed legislation Feb. 27 that extends the “library,” “lone wolf” and roving wiretaps” anti-terrorism provisions under the USA PATRIOT ACT through Feb. 28, 2011. Enactment of the new law, P.L. 111-141 (H.R. 3961), postpones the need for immediate action on two broader bills, H.R. 3845 and S. 1692. Although both bills were ready for floor action following committee approval, Congress chose a simple extension of the three expiring provisions. The “library” provision allows the government to seek surveillance orders from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for tangible things, including medical and library records, that it states are related to a terrorism investigation. Under the “lone wolf” provision, the government may apply to the court to conduct surveillance on suspected terrorists who are not connected to larger terrorist organizations. The third provision extends authorization of court-approved roving wiretaps to terrorism suspects using multiple communications devices. The ABA has urged Congress to thoroughly review executive branch powers under the USA PATRIOT ACT and to conduct regular oversight of the government’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
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