Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Save Connecticut State Libraries! Act now!

As you may have already heard, Connecticut's Executive Branch has cut $12.9 million in the budget for the Judicial Branch, forcing the proposed closure of six law libraries across the state. The American Association of Law Libraries and the Southern New England Law Librarians Association are urging residents of Connecticut to join efforts in saving the law libraries of Bridgeport, Litchfield, Milford and Norwich. These courthouse libraries serve to meet a diverse range of legal research needs from the judiciary, corporate and government attorneys, solo practitioners, average citizens and the indigent.

If you are a resident of Connecticut, please join the effort to encourage the Connecticut legislature to provide the Judicial Branch with adequate funding to keep these libraries open by signing these online petitions:

Please feel free to forward these petition links to friends or colleagues living within Connecticut who may also be interested.

If you have any questions, please email AALL Government Relations Chair Camilla Tubbs or Mary Alice Baish at the Government Relations Office .

Thank you for your time,
Camilla Tubbs
AALL Government Relations Chair

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