Sunday, December 27, 2009

LexisNexis' New Years Charity

I don't know how many other law school libraries have opened the e-mail from Lexis-Nexis yet. I urge you to open it and read it. And look at the video card. It may be a gimmick, and it is certainly P.R. on their part, but you are invited to select a charity to which Lexis-Nexis will donate (an unspecified) amount on your school's behalf. There is a rather lengthy list of a wide variety of decent charities to choose from.

This follows on Lexis-Nexis' offer to law students this year. In addition to offering the students the usual points toward gifts for themselves for using Lexis-Nexis, this year, the students could choose to use the points to donate to these charities themselves.

In a year when there is so much need, this is a very classy thing to have done, and I honor them for it.

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Marie S. Newman said...

I agree with Betsy that this was a very honorable gesture on the part of LexisNexis. The list of charities was lengthy, and I found it hard to choose among them. Maybe it was a gimmick, but who cares if some worthwhile charities benefit?