Sunday, February 15, 2009

Black History Month in the Court Law Library

The Brooklyn Supreme Court Law Library is participating in the Court's Black History Month celebrations by demonstrating the value of the Library's collection. We assembled a book truck with historical print materials and print outs from HeinOnline's historical slavery treatises. Announcements posted in the court house have brought in new users and alerted frequent visitors to our valuable materials.

On the book truck we put the complete run of the Race Relations Reporter. This publication published by Vanderbilt University with the aid of Ford Foundation funds tracked the legislative and judicial actions implementing Brown versus Board of Education. We also put out two volumes from the American Trials set highlighting the trial of the Lincoln conspirators and a trial of a Methodist minister accused of preaching freedom to a racially mixed congregation.

For Bring Your Child to Work Day, I will show the children that instead of Googling, they can go to a library and find encyclopedias and indexes.

Small efforts like this promote the Library and develop new patrons. It has introduced me to some wonderful judges who are involved in writing and history.

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