Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day, 2008 – Remembering and Honoring in a Time of War

I like to post Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day notes. I am part of the generation that protested, fought in and generally went through hell with the Viet Nam war. I have some pretty strong feelings about:

Government officials who start wars with insufficient investigation and thought;

those who serve in the military, (including my older brother);

those who protest unjust and ill-conceived wars, (including myself and my husband); and

who must welcome home our brothers, sons, friends who felt that honor required them to serve. (all of us!)

Here are links to a couple essays that I felt did some justice to the complex issues and ethics of this mish-mash.

Yvonne Abraham’s Boston Globe column, Steadfast, Yet Broken

Veteran George Masters’ essay in the Globe Magazine, Missing in America:

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