Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Must be exam time -- Here's a fun site and it's not even Friday!

Click on to visit a full service word humor website. They have your spoonerisms (named for Reverend Spooner, an Oxford don who mixed up his words, once chiding a student who "hissed my mystery lectures and tasted the whole worm!" Badpuns also offers puns (duh!), Tom Swift jokes, and lots of other word-based fun.

If you really need to blow off more steam, visit Merriam Webster Dictionary Online, where they offer word games and a daily crossword. There are a whole lot of sites that offer word games, but on the Merriam Webster site, you (probably) don't have to worry about picking up spyware, viruses, malware and so on.

And, of course, word lovers who need even more work avoidance options will want to visit Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh, the site of the San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Jon Carroll. He posts a number of witty columns he has written on these little gems. Mondgreens are mis-heard phrases, often in music. The name comes from the first woman to write about them, who coined the word. Sylvia Wright had mis-heard the Scottish folk song, "They hae slain the Earl of Murray and laid him on the green," as They hae slain the Earl of Murray and Lady Mondegreen." So Ms. Wright named the phenomenon after the tragically slain Lady Mondegreen.

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