Thursday, February 08, 2007

Texas considering Open Document format - SB 446

Texas, following Massachusetts (covered .here and here at OOTJ), is considering a bill that would mandate use of open document format rather than Microsoft's product. Commentary by Sam Hiser at his blog. I'll bet Microsoft is mad.


Anonymous said...

Rest assured SB 446 is not an open and shut win for the MS-haters of the world. There is a small, but vocal, force of people working to bring the truth about this bill to light with the many senators.

Anonymous said...

Put simply, the truth is that you deserve to know how your information is stored, on a personal level and within government. If you don't know how your information is stored, you are beholden to people who do and their software. It's time you own your own data, and there's no reason why governments should not be able to interpret what they write today ten years down the road, without commercial assistance. Vendors are basically wanting to lock you out of your own data so they can charge you to access it.