Monday, January 22, 2007

Beer for Dogs

Follow the link above to read about a new beer for dogs. Created in the Netherlands from beef extract and malt, the beer actually costs more than a Heinekin, so you have to be really fond of your dog to buy it!

I found one other beer that appears to be brewed for dogs especially:
Happy Tail Ale (interestingly enough, the Dutch name for the beer in the news story is dutch for wagging tail). A theme developing, I think. Also made from malted barley and beef drippings.

Flying Dog Ales -- I think, in spite of the names of the brews, that these are actually for people. But they offer Flying Dog, In Heat Wheat, and Tire Biter, among others.

I have known dogs who were fond of the "people beer" they occasionally got. Here are a few websites about beer and animals:

Bella Online

All About Beer A nice article surveying the history of dogs in beer advertising, labeling, pubs, etc. Kind of fun.


SmileSleep said...

hello,i found a funny dogs video.

Betsy McKenzie said...

Dear Readers,
I ran across an important scientific study of dogs and beer at the very respected The Onion:

Very scientific experiment with a control. Urm.