Thursday, October 26, 2006

Constitution Day!

Happy Constitution Day! At my law school, we are celebrating today, with a panel of speakers. Evidently, it was celebrated in September at the National Archives, link in the title above. See another link here, which explains that Sept. 17 is Constitution Day, as founded by Louise Leigh in 1997. This is the tenth anniversary. This site has a video and lots of information.

The Constitution is 219 years old this year (see link. Here is a Constitution Day Made Easy site at Justice Link for educational materials. Another link here. The Bill of Rights institute here announces that Sept. 18 is Constitution Day, so there is a lack of unanimity, which, I suppose, makes it OK that Suffolk is celebrating in the middle of October!

Happy Constitution! This image is courtesy of our National Archives website:


Jim Milles said...

Ah, the U.S. Constitution! I remember it well! I'm glad someone else does too.

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